Tingzhou store limited time offer is here! Rent equipment at Tingzhou stores from 7/1 to 7/31 and get a 40% discount on all items!
【Tingzhou store only】Long-day discount plan
【Tingzhou store only】
From now until 2024.12.31
Anyone who rents a single piece of equipment at Tingzhou store will enjoy a 10% discount for three days and a 20% discount for five days. For more than ten days, please contact the staff separately!

1. This program cannot be used in conjunction with other rental discount programs
2. This plan is a limited offer for Tingzhou stores.
3. Rotating Horses reserves the right to modify, change, suspend or terminate the content of this event
【Tingzhou store only】Photography packages are now available for rent!
▍Key points organized
✨ Single-person interviews and documentary shooting ➡ Choose a simple [Basic Photography Package]
✨ At the same time, you need to hold the picture, stabilize the MV, and record the event ➡ Choose the [Stabilized Photography Kit] that not only has a stabilizer but also a tripod #suitable for both movement and stillness
✨ Feature films, commercials, multi-person assignments ➡ Don’t miss the most fully equipped [Advanced Photography Package]

Various models of body can be matched with "Photography Kit" or "Lens Kit", both sets are fully PICKed and are more value-for-money
For detailed information, please click "Latest News" to view the equipment portfolio! !
【Tingzhou store only 】Small stored value of RMB 5,000, 15% off on equipment rental
Friends who have shopped at Tingzhou stores are in luck~
From now until 12/31
When you make one purchase at Tingzhou store, you can recharge a small amount of RMB 5,000 and enjoy a 15% discount. The discount will be immediate after recharging!

1. Stored value cannot be used in conjunction with other rental discount programs.
2. Stored value recharge and use locations are limited to Tingzhou stores.
3. Rotary Wrangler reserves the right to modify, change, suspend or terminate the content of this event at any time.
4. Only cash top-up and stored-value funds can be used to issue invoices when making purchases. Repeated invoices cannot be issued when adding value.
5. The stored value can only be used for "equipment rental" consumption and cannot be used to pay personnel fees, transportation fees, production fees, damage compensation, and purchase of new products.
【 汀洲門市限定 】學生優惠,器材租金 85折

1. 學生優惠方案不得與其他租金折扣方案併用。
2. 大安門市另有其他學生優惠方案,請致電至02-23258665詢問門市服務人員。
3. 旋轉牧馬保留隨時修改、變更、暫停或終止本活動內容之權利。
【器材門市|二月營業時間異動 】
【 新春營業時間公告 】




大安店 有營業唷!營業時間調整: 12:00 ~ "21:00" 提早打烊

汀洲店 公休 ( 借還器材請電洽 大安店(02)2325-8665 )


大安店、汀洲店 兩店皆公休


02/16(五)租借 ~ 02/20(二)營業時間內歸還,器材租金 一律5折!

02/16(五) 僅大安店有開唷!



大安店 營業時間調整: "18:00" ~ 22:00

汀洲店 營業時間調整: "18:00" ~ 22:00


LINE ID|@mgrstore
Daan Store
5 minutes walking distance from Daan Station Exit 4 or 6.
Tingzhou Store
5 minutes walking distance from Taipower Building Station Exit 4.
8 minutes walking distance from Guting Station Exit 4.
Once you place a rental order on this website, we will contact you by phone to confirm the articles to be rented and the relevant dates.
Daan Store
12:00 - 24:00
Tingzhou Store
10:00 - 22:00
台北場地租借/藝文空間/攝影棚。 提供專業台北場地租借,適合作為專業攝影棚與舉辦藝文活動、小型工作坊、展覽、講座、讀書會、品酒活動、手作課程、簡報會議等用途,特別提供包棟租借舉辦大型Workshop、派對公關活動以及拍戲、拍廣告場景的空間方案。

Online/phone booking
After registering as a member, select equipment on our website, and send the orders. For phone reservations, please call:
Daan: (02) 2325-8665
Tingzhou: (02) 7709-4255
Wait until Customer Service's confirmation phone call
Wait until Customer Service calls or e-mails you to confirm whether the rental request was successful.
Pick up, contract signing, and payment
Come to our store to pick up the equipment when the time arrives, sign the contract, and provide payment. Please leave the representative's valid passport with Merry Go Round; it will be returned when the rental is completed.
Return the equipment at our store before the return deadline; we will return your passport after the equipment has been accepted and the case closed.
Credit Card
Bank Transfer

Merry Go Round currently provides three main payment methods: cash, bank transfer, and credit card (we accept VISA, JCB, UnionPay, Mastercard). Please call us if you wish to use some other payment approach.

Bank Transfer

BENEFICIARY’S ADDRESS: 1F., No.32, Ln. 279, Sec. 1, Fuxing S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

After the wire transfer, please email the following information to cam@mgrstudio.net.:

  1. The transfer date and the total amount.
  2. Account name
  3. The account number or company name that we can confirm.


  • Pick up
  • Return
  • Member services
  • Payment
  • Online Booking
  • I am sending my friend to return the equipment. What precautions should I take?
    After the equipment is tested and determined to be normal, the passports are usually returned to the person who returns the equipment. If you would like us to keep passports at our store for you, please inform us in advance.
  • Do I pay rental fee upon pickup?
    Rental fee must be paid upon pickup, using cash or credit card. If you would like to use bank transfer, please inform us and provide the remittance SWIFT Message in advance, so that our accountant is prepared for the transaction. After transaction confirmation, equipment can be picked up.
  • What are acceptable forms of identification for non-Taiwan nationals?
    We accept a valid (unexpired) passport or an ARC. You should bring both and present it to confirm your identity and place of residence, while we only keep one of them during rental.
  • May I rent without leaving my passport or signing the contract?
    As clearly indicated in the contract, we will not use your passport for other purposes. If you would prefer not to leave your passport, you may leave the full amount of the equipment purchasing cost as a deposit.
  • I am under 18 years old. Can I rent the equipment?
    The renter must be at least 18 years old. Those under 18 may leave the entire cost of the equipment as a deposit and sign the contract without leaving a passport, or sign the contract while accompanied by a parent or guardian to complete the rental procedures.
  • May I ask someone to pick up the equipment, but leave my passport?
    No. The person who signs the contract must leave his/her passport. Please inform the person who will pick up the equipment.
  • I have previously signed a contract and left my passport here as a pledge. Do I still need to sign a contract again?
    Because each rental time and order is unique, a new contract must be signed again. If the passport of the person picking up the equipment is different who must also leave his/her passport as a pledge. After finishing the returning procedure, passports will be returned.
  • I am picking up the rental for my friend, but I am not sure which equipment my friend rented. Can you help me?
    Please confirm the equipment that your friend will be renting. The person who picks up the rental must leave his/her passport as a pledge.
  • I have ordered the equipment and sent a friend to pick up. What precautions should I take?
    Please clearly inform your friend of the rental policies, and that the person picking up the equipment must leave his/her passport as a pledge, sign a contract, pay the fee in full, and confirm the rental return time.
  • After testing the equipment, may I leave it at the rental location and return to get it later?
    After testing the equipment and paying the fee, if you would like to take the equipment later, we will ask you to test the equipment a second time. To simplify the testing process, please visit our rental location when you would like to pick up your rental.
  • Can I change the rental equipment after arriving on-site?
    Other equipment may not be available. If you would like to change the equipment, please call in advance to confirm.
  • Can you help me test the equipment, to expedite the rental procedures?
    The renter must personally determine that the equipment is functioning normally. Please allow 20-30 minutes for material testing and contract signing.
  • I am not sure what equipment I need. Can I directly ask the staff in the rental location?
    Not all equipment is regularly available everyday. To avoid an unnecessary trip, we recommend that you call first and confirm that the equipment is available or not.
  • Can I pick up equipment early? For example, the original pickup time was scheduled for 6:00 PM, but I would like to pick the equipment up at 2:00 PM.
    First, call to determine whether the equipment can be picked up early. Rental is calculated based on a 24 hour basis. Exceeding the rental time will accrue additional charges!
  • Merry Go Round Inc.



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  • Business Hours Monday through Sunday. The business hour is from 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight every day.Please check the News at the top of our home page for further information.
  • 1F., No.32, Ln. 279, Sec. 1, Fuxing S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)We are near the MRT Daan Station. Parking is available nearby.
  • Phone 02-2325-8665
    Fax 02-2325-8655
    E-mail cam@mgrstudio.net
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  • 直走到 32 號
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